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One Price Cleaners


Dry Cleaning

Is a alternative method for cleaning clothes with out the use of water. Dry cleaning will help you maintain the life and quality of your clothing. Washing clothes in a household washer and dryer may not be the best way to clean certain fabrics. Also, the waster and dryer may not eliminate stains completely causing your clothes to deteriorate faster. Our Dry Cleaning facility is well maintained and will provide you the customer care you deserve. 

Shirt Care

We offer prestige shirt care for all your shirt needs. With many different options we provide, we give you variety of selections. We give you the ability to customize your shirt the way you desire. We offer you the options of Heavy, Regular, LIght, or No starch. Wear it the way you like it the best. Our cleaning service will make your shirts stand out and will leave a good impression on people around you. 

Going Out of Town?

Tired of hanging your shirts by the window in the back seat? Or tired of getting wrinkles on your freshly ironed shirts when your traveling? Well we have a solution for your problem. We offer shirt boxes that help keep your freshly cleaned shirts without putting wrinkles in them. These boxes are easy to transport and do not take up much room. Ask us to place your shirts in boxes to keep the crisp look while you are out of town.

Clothing Storage

Is your closet overflowing? Or do you simply want to pack away last seasons clothing? Well let us help you. Let us professional Dry Clean and pack away your clothes until you need them again. Packing your clothes away will help you save them from being exposed to different acids in the air and also from dust particles in your closet. Come drop your clothes off and we will pack them away for you to carry home and store till you need them again. 

Wedding Gown Preservation

Weddings are one of the most important memories that you will want to cherish for a life time. Keeping your wedding dress prestige is very important. Let us be the ones you choose to help you appreciate your dress the rest of your life. Our wedding gown boxes are acid free which helps your dress stay white and not turn yellow. Yellow wedding dresses are a disaster. Keep what you paid for the way it came. Come talk to us about your wedding gown preservation. 


Do your clothes not fit you? Do you need to get basic alterations done? Well its time to get your clothes altered professionally. Getting your clothes altered will help the life span of your clothes and they will look better on you. No more letting your clothes drag or wearing loose clothes. Come to us for your alteration needs. 


Don't have time to wait for the washer and dryer? Bring us your clothes at any of our locations and we will do it for you. Tell us when you need your clothes by and leave with out a worry. When you come back your clothes will be folded and stored for you to take home. Any one of our attendants will answer any questions you may have about the process. 

Household Items

We offer Dry Cleaning service to the following products:

  • Comforters
  • Drapes
  • Bed linens
  • Blankets/Quilts
  • Pillows
  • And much more...

Coin Laundry

Come wash your clothes at any of our four locations. We have hundreds of washers and dryers that will help satisfy your needs. All locations have washers that range in sizes and are able to handle any type of cleaning load. Our dryers are very efficient and will help dry your clothes in no time. Our locations are spread all over Hendersonville making it very convenient for you.

Each location offers Wash-Dry-Fold service. 

Commercial Dry Cleaning and Laundry Service

We offer top of the line commercial service for a very low rate. We clean thousands of pounds of clothes each year in our commercial laundry service so we know what we are doing. Let us help you with your laundry needs. No one can beat our rates. For more information click on the truck to the right to be directed to the commercial page.