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One Price Cleaners

Garment Care

Our service revolves around keeping your clothing looking its best. This makes it our duty to inform you what you should and should not do to your clothes. Taking care of your clothes is very important and is a delicate process that not many people understand. You cant just throw your clothes in a washer and expect them to be clean all the time. Taking proper care of your clothing will not only give it that crisp look every time your wear it, but it will also extend your clothing life. 

Question: Does Dry Cleaning clothes wear out clothes and is it better to clean infrequently? 

Answer: Visiting our dry cleaning will not wear out your clothes, but it will extend the life your your clothing. This is a common misunderstanding that misguides customers to not clean there clothes as directed causing long term damage to the clothing. It is important to know how often you should clean your clothes to maintain a prestige quality of your clothing. 

-Below are guidelines based on Drycleaning & Laundry Institute

-Dress Shirts and Polo's should be cleaned after every wear

-Blouses should be cleaned after every other wear

-Casual Pants should be cleaned after every other wear

-Outerwear should be cleaned monthly during season and again before storage

*these are recommendations based on no stains on your clothing

Question: Do all stains go away? 

Answer: No, all stains do not go away. We try our best to get the stains out of your clothing, but sometimes some stains often become permanent. When a stain occurs you should go ahead and bring it to One Price Dry Cleaning for it to get cleaned. Do not try to wear the garment one more time before you get it cleaned. Also, the worst thing you can possibly do is iron a garment that has a stain on it. This causes the stain to settle deeper within the garment and will not come out. Also the garment that the stain is on is also a large factor in why the stain is not coming out. Certain dye's and fabrics are hard to deal with. Bring the garment in and we will give you our suggestion. 

Question: What do care labels mean?

Answer: Care labels can be found on any garment that explains how to clean the fabric. Care labels are very crucial in determining how to clean clothes. It is important not to tear these labels off because this is what helps us know what the manufacture recommends. Care labels can however can be wrong. Not always are labels are correct to give you the best results. Care labels are complicated to understand. You need a mixture of care symbol knowledge, professional experience, and garment knowledge to really determine what the care label means. This is why it is important to bring it to our facility for us to give a professional advice.   

Question: What are random brown, yellow, and tan stains on my shirt?

Answer: Invisible stains can start to discolor clothing over time. When spilling a drink like ginger ale on your white shirt will first not be noticed when it dries, however after a week or month you will start seeing a color change on the shirt. Invisible stains can not be taken out in the dry cleaning this is why it is important to get your clothes cleaned regularly.